Can you trust your data?

Quarantine data in real time, preventing it from entering downstream platforms.

Then supervise what happens next.


Data Firewalls and Surveillance for the enterprise.

Data Firewall captures erroneous data at the source and prevents it from entering downstream data platforms. Combined with Data Pipelines, Data Flows and Surveillance Hub, Qualytics uses machine learning to automatically create data rules, and adapt those rules through supervised workflows.

Data Firewall

Scan Data Pipelines and quarantine anomalies with proprietary ML algorithms before they enter production data platforms.

Real-time Surveillance

Alert when anomalies are detected, and generate metadata about the context and the cause.

Supervised Learning

Surface anomalies in Surveillance Hub for human review, and Data Firewall continues learning.

Customized Rules

Modify auto-generated rules, or let domain experts create their own, then transform and route the results using Data Flows.


What's your data worth?

Your business will live or die by data-driven decisions made every day.

Unfortunately for most organizations, poor data quality is affecting those decisions.

Qualytics is the complete solution to install trust and confidence in your enterprise data ecosystem. It connects to your databases, warehouses, and source systems, proactively improving data quality through anomaly detection, signaling and workflow.

Executive Team

We grew up engineering enterprise-grade data platforms.
We're engineers and scientists who believe organizations should trust their data.

Gorkem Sevinc

Led and built data & engineering teams at Facet Wealth, miDiagnostics, emocha Health, Johns Hopkins Medicine. Designed and built software products and data warehouses in healthcare and financial services.

Dan Roche

With two IPOs under his belt (Condor Technology Solutions, Integrated Information Systems), Dan led many companies to success in the software, data, and analytics spaces.

Tom Winans

Led tech diligence and technical advice for Warburg Pincus and Tomasek with extensive experience in enterprise cloud and data architecture.

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