Let’s face it. you don’t know

the quality of your data.

Every business lives or dies by the hundreds of decisions made each day
by employees.

Often, poor quality data powers those decisions.

Want to instill trust and confidence in your enterprise data ecosystem?

The Qualytics Data Firewall

Our platform identifies erroneous data at the source and prevents it from entering downstream data platforms.
Our ML-first approach automatically creates data quality rules and adapts those rules through supervised workflows

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Data Firewall

Scan Data Pipelines and quarantine anomalies with proprietary ML algorithms before they enter production data platforms.

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Real-time Surveillance

Alert when anomalies are detected, and generate metadata about the context and the cause.

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Supervised Learning

Surface anomalies in Surveillance Hub for human review while the Data Firewall continues learning.

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Customized Rules

Modify auto-generated rules, or let domain experts create their own, then transform and route the results to their eventual destinations.

Benefits of The Qualytics Data Firewall

Analyzing data in flight: Why wait until data gets to its intended location to discover there is an anomaly? Qualytics analyzes data while it is in flight – in any kind of pipeline.


Flexible Deployment: Place the firewall in various stages of your pipeline or ETL/ELT process.


Continuous Learning – Data is always changing, and so should data quality rules. The firewall is continuously learning through supervised and unsupervised methods.


Qualytics fits seamlessly into your data stack, with effortless integrations from multiple data sources.

We know Data Quality

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