AI and ML at Qualytics

We’re thrilled to announce that we will be attending our first (virtual) conference as a start-up-level sponsor at the 2021 Ai4 Conference. With three days of 200 influential speakers and over 21 industry-specific tracks to discuss the use of AI and ML, it’s an event we can’t miss. If you’re not sure if you should attend, tracks can be customized to personalize your agenda and are built for both technical and non-technical audiences.

Why an AI & ML Conference?

As AI is crucial to the success of Qualytics Data Firewall, we thought we’d take the opportunity to step into the event world and join colleagues, data practitioners, and industry leaders. And as a startup company walking into a relatively new and cutting-edge field, we need to get the word out about not only our product— but also how we are approaching Data Confidence. In today’s world, where data is in line with oil as a resource, we want to share our message: Quality of Data matters, and it matters a lot.

This year, AI usage across businesses is set to create $2.9 trillion of dollars worth of business value. Our product, the Qualytics Data Firewall, similarly uses AI to ensure Data Quality for the industry. It does this through innovative features that take advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

How does our Qualytics Product use AI/ML?

Inductive Learning

Data quality heuristics are inductively inferred and verified through statistical analysis of available historical data

Supervised Learning

Classifiers trained on user feedback collected from Anomaly and Check management are used to filter subsequent predictions

Unsupervised Learning

Regression models trained and tested against historical data are used to identify anomalies where subsequent actual values fall outside the predicted range

Where can you find us?

If you’d like to learn how Qualytics is using AI to provide Data Confidence, we are presenting at Ai4. You can find us at the Ai4 Speaker Lineup on the Innovation track:

Session Title: Why Data Confidence is the Key to Enterprise Success
Date: August 28th, 3:45 ET
Every organization uses data to make countless critical decisions: from rudimentary, daily tactical decisions to long-range, strategic decisions. Making decisions with poor quality data negatively affects every area of  business; from finances to customer relationships. The solution: strengthen your data foundation by improving data quality. The Qualytics Data Firewall offers data confidence by seamlessly connecting to your databases, warehouses, and source systems, proactively improving data quality through anomaly detection, signaling and workflow. The Qualytics Data Firewall uses Machine Learning algorithms to automatically train models on streaming or at-rest historical data to infer data quality rules and surface anomalies for human intervention. Because of the ML-based approach, the Qualytics platform is always learning and improving as business and data confidence grows. Data Quality is a real-world problem. Data confidence provided by the Qualytics platform is the solution. 

Want to Learn More?

Are you interested in learning more about Ai4? Head over to the event website and register.

We also have a virtual booth – make sure to stop by and say hi or book a time to chat with one of us. Especially if you are interested in learning more about us or having confidence in your data? Let’s talk.