How a Data Science Veteran is Solving Enterprise Data Quality

Eric Simmerman set out to fix a problem plaguing data science teams while building products at startups over the last 25 years. Now, he’s joined the team at Qualytics to help build the solution that he wished he’d had during his career. 

“I couldn’t be more excited to join the Qualytics team,” said Eric. “Qualytics’ data quality solution is a game-changer for the future of enterprise big data intelligence.”

In a former role, Eric was walking through the office when he noticed something odd. While passing adjoining workspaces of two of his data science team members, something on their screens caught his eye. They both had the exact same data set pulled up and were working to clean the same part of it.

As the leader of the data science and engineering team, Eric was distraught. He knew the team was auditing and cleaning that financial data set to drive the training of a new machine learning model customers expected by the end of the week, and he had discovered two team members working to improve data quality for the same data set.

Eric has experienced data quality issues during his decades building machine learning applications, and while this is a single example, it underscores the inefficiency that occurs without a comprehensive data quality solution. By addressing anomalies within data stores and pipelines, quality issues are caught and corrected before impacting downstream systems and incurring higher costs.

“Qualytics’ product would have solved many data governance and data science problems in the past,” Eric contends.

Eric’s passion for applying machine learning and data science to risk management is fundamental to Qualytics’ Protect and Compare products. His experience building software products and software teams as the CTO or VP of Engineering at Interos, HealthPrize, Social Tables, FolderGrid and Pascal Metrics adds a well-rounded wealth of experience to the Qualytics team.

“I look forward to building on the team’s momentum and advancing our comprehensive data quality solution for the enterprise,” Eric said.