Qualytics Appoints Stewart Bryson as Chief Customer Officer

Bryson brings more than 25 years of data and analytics management and delivery experience.

Baltimore, MD – Qualytics, Inc. announced today the appointment of data and analytics veteran Stewart Bryson to the role of Chief Customer Officer. Bryson has nearly three decades of experience delivering professional services for hundreds of organizations. He spent the last 12 years in the role of CEO of consulting companies building analytics solutions for Fortune 100 and Fortune 300 companies including Google and LinkedIn.

“Stewart has been an investor and key advisor to our leadership team from our very early days,” said Gorkem Sevinc, CEO of Qualytics. “The data and analytics solutions Stewart built with customers at Red Pill Analytics provides an unparalleled depth of expertise on modern & legacy data technologies. He truly understands what customers need because he has built it for them. We are so excited to have him lead our customer and business development activities.”

Prior to joining Qualytics, Bryson was the Co-founder and CEO of Red Pill Analytics, a services firm specializing in implementing solutions from Snowflake, Google Cloud Platform, dbt Labs, Fivetran, Confluent, Oracle, and others. In 2019, Red Pill Analytics was acquired by Innive, Inc to provide premium consulting services to their customers, lead research and development, and provide architecture services with cloud and emerging technologies. Prior to founding Red Pill Analytics, Bryson served as the CEO of Rittman Mead America, the US subsidiary of Rittman Mead Consulting Ltd. in the United Kingdom. Bryson is also a well-known speaker, writer and podcast guest in the data and analytics community.

Throughout his entire career, data quality has been a recurring issue and often solved with custom solutions built specifically for the individual customer.

“The innovation in distributed data platforms over my career is staggering,” Bryson said. “I worked in the original data warehouse explosion, through the Big Data revolution, and now the cloud computing and serverless revolution. Throughout all of that time, there’s been little to no innovation in the data quality space, even though the amount of time data teams spend solving data quality issues is a well-known statistic. I’m excited that Qualytics has finally delivered that innovation, and I get to help drive the next revolution.”

The Qualytics platform uses its proprietary machine learning algorithms to automatically train models on either incoming or historical data to infer data quality rules and surface anomalies for human intervention. Qualytics seamlessly connects to and continuously learns from your databases, warehouses, and object stores, proactively improving data quality through anomaly detection, signaling, workflow, and enrichment. Gain confidence in your data with Qualytics.

To learn more about Qualytics check out our site or email us at hello@qualytics.co.  For more information or press, please contact Lauren Prezby at lauren@qualytics.co

Stewart is Chief Customer Officer at Qualytics, and the Founder and former CEO of Red Pill Analytics. He is an internationally recognized writer, speaker, and podcast guest in the data and analytics community and holds numerous community advocacy titles including Snowflake Data Superhero, Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador, and Oracle ACE Director.