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About Qualytics

We are the creators of the Qualytics Platform—a cloud-native, integrated platform that provides Data Quality Surveillance for companies of all sizes.

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We are a growing team of engineers and data scientists who have come together to create a product that enables organizations to trust their data. We believe that data is the most valuable resource to companies, and that resource isn’t useful unless it’s reliable. That’s why we created Qualytics.

Qualytics aims to elevate trust and confidence in decision making by improving data accuracy.

Data is the foundation of all organizational decision-making. Making decisions with poor quality data negatively affects growth, productivity, costs, process design, reputation, opportunity management, and customer relationships. Qualytics’ purpose is to strengthen its customers’ data foundation by improving data quality.

Meet our Founding Team
Gorkem Sevinc
Gorkem Sevinc
Dan Rocha
Dan Roche
Eric Simmerman
Chief Technology Officer
Board of Advisors
Dwight Raum

SVP & Chief Information Officer – Johns Hopkins University & Medicine

Bill Murphy

Managing Partner, Cresting Wave; Former CTO, Blackstone

Steve Shuhet

Managing Partner,
Cresting Wave

Jake Stein

Co-Founder & CEO, Common Paper
Former Co-Founder & CEO, Stitch

Avi Rubin

Professor of Information Security, JHU
Founder and Chief Scientist, Harbor Labs